How Can I Win One Million Pounds by Betting One Pound?

Did you know that just about 50% of the UK population gamble?

That’s lots of winners and losers.

But how do you win a million pounds with one pound? It sounds a challenge if not an impossibility. With the Lotto charging £2 a ticket, you’d need to share the top prize with a friend to even have any chance of winning big.

When it come to betting on horse racing the most likely chance of winning one million pounds for a solitary pound coin is with an accumulator. This bet puts all of your winnings on the next horse. So if you have a 10/1 winner, you’d have £11 going onto the next horse (that’s £10 winnings and your stake money of £1).

So if you had three 10/1 winners what would that win for your quid?


That would be £1210.

Not quite the million hey? The good thing about a win accumulator is that you can make as many selections as you wish. And each win means you have more and more money to put into your pocket.

The difficult part is finding all these winners.

In theory, the shorter the price of the horse you pick the better chance it has of winning. So you might be wise to consider how many favourites you would need to win consecutively to get to that million pounds.

This may seem a possibility although in practice it is probably impossible. If you bet your £1 on 21 horses priced even money you would be a millionaire.

This is how it works: £1, £2, £4, £8, £16, £32, £64, £128, £256, £512, £1024, £2048, £4096, £8192, £16384, £32768, £65536, £131072, £262144, £524288, £1048576

(I’ve just won a million pounds!)


If you started with £128 you could bring that down to 13 winners.

If you started with £1024 you would need just 10 winners to become a millionaire.

Place your bets, please.