How Do Professional Gamblers Beat The Bookies?

There’s a good chance most gamblers have ambitions of turning their hobby into a profession.

As you can imagine, this is no easy task. It takes years of experience to hone your skills to be a cut above the rest. However, it’s worth knowing that you don’t need to be the best gambler in the world to make your betting pay – just a little better than most.

This is a challenge which most fall short.


Because all to often gamblers forget to hone their skills.

Beating the bookies is about one thing – knowledge.

If you don’t know more than the layer who takes your bet, then you are fighting a losing battle. Knowing your niche gives you the knowledge to win.

You have a crucial advantages over bookmakers. You don’t have to bet every race. Your selectivity is a strength.

From reading books, articles and case studies about professional gamblers I’ve learned they are far from creatures of habit. In that I mean they have many and varied ways of being successful gamblers. Most have very contrasting thoughts and contradict each other with what they consider the best approach.

Some are form students, while others rely on the clock (Phil Bull). For one an each-way bet is best while others bank on a single win. Alec Bird used to make a profit betting on photo finishes. While the likes of Jack Ramsden was paid by a bookmaker who placed his bets and won a fortune betting on multi bets.

Each differed in their niche and skill set to beat the bookies.

You will need to do the same. You cannot afford to follow the crowd. How can the majority of people win?

Your strength is your difference.

Gambling is about skill although many professional punters have a very small edge. Some as little as 1% profit. To win they have to bet incredible amount of money to keep them ahead of the game.

If you simply bet for the buzz then your chance of winning big are the stuff of dreams.

You need ultimate knowledge and a wad of cash.