How Do You Make Money Betting on Horse Racing?

It’s a question many gamblers have asked.

When 98% of gamblers lose money on a regular basis, there is one thing you need to do – separate yourself from the crowd.

It’s logical to think the majority of gamblers cannot win. So the question is: ‘How can the average punter set themselves apart?’

It’s a fallacy that difference the between a successful and poor gambler is about how much money they bet. The wisdom being, the more you bet the more success you will have. This is completely wrong. Without honing your skills you have little chance of beating your opponent – the layer who takes your bet.

But how can your average punter set himself apart?

By having a niche.

You may ask: ‘Why do you need to have a niche?’ Simply because you cannot know everything. A the wise man knows that you don’t need to either. Sometimes less is more and that is the case about a skill-based knowledge.

The chance of a beginner beating a seasoned chess player is zero.

There is no mystery to success or failure. Winning and losing is based on the skill to educate or find a mentor who can do the groundwork.

My specialism is two-year-old horse racing. It is an an age group of race horses which I know to a very high level. In fact, I am confident I am one of the leading experts within this field. This knowledge sets me apart from the crowd.

If you want to make money betting on horse racing then you need to find answers to questions, work in a professional manner and bet selectively when the odds are in your favour.

At times, even the best gamblers need a little bit of luck. In the sense if you have a horse that wins by a nose, you’d rather it be a speculative bet to win a grand than an odds-on favourite.

However, if you rely on luck rather than skill you will soon be living in the poor house.