How Is Horse Racing Attracting Big Money From Casinos?

How Is Horse Racing Attracting Big Money From Casinos?

Horse racing is lovely to watch, and it can bring the real thrill of excitement. It is quite popular in many countries across the world, especially in the UK, America, Australia, and France. Many racing festivals are hosted in different locations, and they attract visitors from various nations. The gambling industry earns big on such events. For example, the turnover of horse racing in America is around 3 billion, while it is 1 billion in Australia.

This traditional sport has financial support from casinos to keep it going. Moreover, gambling operators earn a lot of funds from betting on these races. So it is not unusual for casinos to invest in such a sport. Many gambling sites from the list offer horse racing-themed slots. If you are a fan, stick around to learn more about the synergy between horse racing and the casino industry,

Casinos With Sportsbook Section for Horse Racing

Even though the biggest earnings come from on-course wagering, many casinos with sportsbook sections also offer online betting. If you desire to wager, you can try the fastest payout online casino and withdraw your winnings instantly afterward. By enjoying some horse racing-themed casino games, the pause to place bets might be a good choice to chill out. You can also make an account on more than one platform, and in that way, look for the best odds for your bet. Moreover, there are plenty of available betting options, so let’s learn more about them.

Straight Win

This is the simplest type of bet. You just need to pick the winner, and if it finishes first, you win. If not, you lose.

Win and Place

For this type of bet, you need to pick the horse that will either finish in the first or second position. This market doubles the chances, but the payout is lower.


The selected competitor must finish in the first, second, or third place to win this type of bet.

Multiple Bets

These bets include wagering on more than one in different races. So you could wager on two, three, or more.


This type of bet can earn you the highest reward, but it also involves high risk. You need to correctly predict six winners of races before the first race starts. Additionally, when you win the first race, the win adds up to another chosen horse for the race. So if you win five, all accumulator wins are going to the final race. You can see some sport betting sites on Fliptroniks.

Although it’s difficult to win these betting slips, many punters can’t help but test their luck. This is a perfect example of how sports fans can benefit from the gambling industry. You might get extremely lucky with this bet, and your life will change completely.

Most Popular Horse Racing Events for Gambling and Entertainment

More than a hundred race events happen globally every year. These deliver outstanding entertainment across the world. The following events are rated by fans as the most popular and famous in the world.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is undoubtedly the biggest event of racing in America. It happens in Louisville Kentucky on the Churchill Downs track, which is 1.25 miles long. Three years old hard-trained horses contend in a couple of events with a prize pool of over 3 million dollars every first May. The Kentucky Derby began in 1875 and still attracts enormous audiences today. US Triple Crown race is the most popular and known as “the greatest two minutes in sport”. This event is not among the most profitable ones, but it is still considered prestigious among horse racing fans. The annual crowd at the Kentucky Derby is over 150,000.

The Grand National

In Liverpool, England, the Aintree track hosts the most favored race and attracts around 500 million of the global audience annually. The Grand National is among the most famous racing occasion in the UK. This event motivated the production of a couple of movies, TV shows, artwork, and games. Also, it has a significant contribution to many cultural events. The Grand National course is longer than four miles with a 514 yards jump course. About 40 horses with jockeys compete for the prices of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot began in 1711, and it hosts five-day long and exciting races for the royal audience. It is believed that Queen Elizabeth II and her royal family attended races with horses from different parts of the globe. During these five days, a lot of luxuries are displayed, and even the spectators have a strict code of dress to follow. The Royal Ascot is a key event for the British National Institution and the English monarchy. Rewards reach up to around 10 million dollars during these days.

The Prix de L’arc de Triomphe

This event happens in Paris at the Longchamp Racetrack and is another huge event that lasts centuries. It provides a true delight for many fans across the world. The track for this racing event is long around 2.4 km, and has a specific turf. The Prix de L’arc de Triomphe happens annually, and the prize pool goes over 3 million dollars for the winner.

Dubai World Cup

Dubai World Cup is a new event that began to happen in 1996 at the Meydan race track. Its prize pool reaches around 10 million dollars, and is popular as one of the richest races in the globe. The contest is hosted for three-year-old horses to participate. It always brings plenty of talent on the tracks.


Horse racing is very popular in some countries, and its popularity continues to rise elsewhere. The gambling industry invests big in this sport but also has a high turnover. Enthusiasts who enjoy wagering on horse racing also have the chance to try out some popular horse racing-themed slots. Horse racing events have massive attendance and bring real entertainment and excitement. So if you happen to visit some of them, you definitely won’t miss the fun.