Kentucky Derby – A Beginners’ Five-Step to Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing’s popularity amongst other sports is second to none. The audiences the sports command and welcome to its racing arena are always a beauty to see for many all over the world.

Other than these facts, horse racing comes with great excitement for attendees, horse owners, gambling entities as well as racing horses themselves. And one of its very kind is upon us – the 149th Kentucky Derby in Louisville. The date Saturday, May 6, 2023, should be marked on your calendar.

However, growing questions are always how to bet on the two-minute sports as many are out there who are yet to have a taste of this sport. As a bid to help the beginners out, we’re looking at five steps to look at before your horse racing bets.

#1 Always Bet Within Your Budget

As far as sports betting is concerned, there’s one rule to govern all, and that is always to bet within one’s budget and/or to have a budget. So in horse racing betting, if you’re looking to double your cash or going in for a nice decent return, this should be your No. 1 point of action.

It’s worth taking note that in betting, one of the worst things you can do is chase losses. This in context simply means, one has to bet beyond one’s limit which you can either end up lucky or lose all, so don’t bet more than you can afford to lose in an attempt to chase losses because it might all end up pretty bad.

#2 Always make your Research

You can never go with adequate research before any stake. Research has been one of the most important things for horse racing betting. In so doing, the amount of research that goes into each bet is what separates a proven professional bettor and a beginner.

Research, however, falls into different types; research horses scheduled for a race, research on jockeys, research about a horse trainer, and research towards race conditions before placing any bets. For a beginner, this might be too much in putting together or starting out with, but this information and guides to the upcoming 149th Kentucky Derby horse racing are available on bet on the Kentucky Derby, which should help with analysing the races better and make the best bets possible.

Why research is very important in horse racing is the fact that many factors could determine the winning outcome of a race, especially for a derby event. This for example, how well a horse has been practising towards the journey to the Derby, what diet the horse is on, recent injuries, what track a horse best performs on, and which rider it performs best with. With all this research in full, you could be on your way to bagging a fortune!

#3 Make no Room for Biases

Since we are humans, it is quite easy for many to form a bias as we all have our most-preferred options. In horse racing, favourites don’t usually end up winning the race. And also, you should avoid picking favourites just because they’re favoriting horses.

The excess of making no room for biases simply means bets should only be placed on a horse you have done a significant amount of research on.

#4 Find a Trustworthy Website

As funny as this might sound, there are many fake and impostor websites offering huge amounts of bonuses on every bet placed. As someone new to horse betting, as the excitement for where to place your first few bets grows, you should take utmost precautions not to choose just anyhow website to place a bet on without first doing some digging about the site itself.

When betting online, horse betting platforms are built differently from others, and some work superbly well than others. Also, make sure you use a website’s own secure betting app, the website comes with good customer service, offers good bonuses, and the odds they give are remarkably good. All this is to ensure your winnings will be yours at the end of the day as the last thing every bettor wants to do is wager on a fake site that has been designed to swindle your money.

#Remember to Have Fun

Our last tip of advice for a first-timer on the list is to make sure they are having fun. While it is true that betting on horses can make quite a bit of money for the better, it is worth keeping in mind that horse betting and every other means of betting are supposed to be a fun way to pass the time.

If you place a wager on a horse to win a race and it loses, it’s not the end of the world. When it comes to betting on these horses, you will win some and lose some; that is just the way it is. Knowing this, the most important of it all is that you should try as much not to try and win money lost on horse betting back by going in with a bigger stake since this is known as chasing losses and by doing so, will lead to more money being lost due to the impatience.