Where can I buy a racehorse?

Depending on your knowledge, experience and, not least, your budget, there are various means by which you can buy a racehorse, or at least a stake in one. Many racehorses are sold at public auction, either one organised by a bloodstock auctioneer, such as Goffs or Tattersalls, or one organised by racecourse authorities immediately following a selling race. If you want to avoid bidding and buy at a fixed price, other options include claiming a horse from a claiming race or buying one directly from a licensed breeder or trainer. Of course, if you are buying a racehorse, outright, for the first time, you should seek advice from a bloodstock agent, or similar professional.

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If you have a limited budget, but still want to enjoy the thrill of racehorse ownership, without viewing it as a money-making exercise, you might like to consider joining a racing club or syndicate, which allows you to buy a stake in one or more racehorses. Reputable syndicates, of which there are many, offer the combination of knowledge, expertise and network of contacts required to be successful. Indeed, they may offer the best chance of winning at a higher level without breaking the bank.