What Makes Horse Racing So Fascinating for Online Betting?

What Makes Horse Racing So Fascinating for Online Betting?  Horse racing happens to be one of the oldest and still most popular sports in the world. Since the days of the oldest civilizations, men have trained horses to run in competitions of strength and skill. In Ancient Egypt, chariot racing was the undisputed most popular sport. Since those days, horse racing has remained a constant in human society. And though its popularity has waxed and waned, the sport has never disappeared from the public conscious.

It was during the Victorian era that horse racing grew to become the sport we know today. Some standard rules were introduced in English horse racing, and were then exported to the rest of the world. And while obviously the Victorian rules are far outdated now, they remain the foundation for the sport we all know and love today.

Horse Racing Today

Today horse racing remains incredibly popular. While not on the forefront of everyone’s minds, certain horse racing festivals and events do get quite a bit of traction. Among them, the most notable would be Cheltenham and Ascot in Britain, the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown races in the United States, and many others across the world.

Of course, one place where horse racing still retains an incredible amount of popularity is in the betting world. It certainly will not surprise anyone to hear that betting on the ponies is an incredibly popular pastime. After all, when speaking about “betting sports” horse racing should be the foremost on everyone’s mind.

And while the sport is certainly not the most popular to bet on, it has its fair share of fans. Countries where horse racing is incredibly popular, both to watch and place wagers on are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, and the United States is beginning to catch up again. But, as popular as horse race betting is at land-based bookies, it truly shines online.

Why is Online Betting So Great?

For those who are unaware, online betting is incredibly popular today. In the late 90s, internet culture was just beginning to form. And a major influence on its formation were the various online betting and gambling websites. Back then, these websites were incredibly rudimentary. However, as with any bit of software, they’ve grown and developed into something much better.

Nowadays, online sportsbooks are the main way for bettors to follow their favorite sports and odds. But just what makes these websites so great? Well, it is rather obvious. Not only are web bookies easily accessible, they also let you go about the business while following the game/race. And now, with the introduction of livestreaming, bookies can actually place bets while the game is being broadcast. This factor helps users of these sites to make better decisions when putting down a wager.

What Makes Horse Racing Perfect for Online Betting?

But the question we are here to answer is why horse racing lends itself so well to online betting. And the answer is quite simple. Online betting sites have a deep interest in horse racing. The reason for this is simple. Horse racing is popular, and bookies want to make some cash. So, there are very few sports that these bookmakers pay closer attention to than horse racing. In fact, the only sport that garners more attention than horse racing is association football, and maybe cricket. In other words, the main reason that online betting is great for horse racing, is because online bookies pay very close attention to various horse racing events around the world.

Another reason why online betting is great for horse racing is because you can place a bet without actually having to watch the race. Let’s be honest, in 2022 we are all way too busy to actually watch the various horse races going on. Sure, they might be exciting, but they usually end rather quickly. Sometimes, it just isn’t worth it. Well, with online betting, you can watch the races from your PC, mobile phone or any other electronic device, place bets using that same device, all the while doing your job, housework, or just relaxing at home.

How to Beat the Odds?

Finally, betting on horse racing is excellent practice for up-and-coming gamblers to learn how to beat the odds. Many find it surprising that some gamblers do it professionally. Meaning they have no other income, other than betting or gambling. So, the question is, how do these guys beat the house edge and make a living?

Many people know the old saying “the house always wins.” This idiom refers to the fact that the casino has a house edge over the players. The same applies to bookmakers. However, bettors also have a crucial advantage on their side. Namely, you don’t have to put down a wager on every race. So, when doing research, pay close attention to which horses have an advantage and which races are likely to pay off more.

Biggest Events in 2023

In this final section of the article, we would like to take a look at a few of the most popular horse racing events in the world, that are coming in 2023. And of course, we can’t talk horse racing without bringing up Cheltenham.

For those who don’t know, the city of Cheltenham holds an annual 4-day horse racing festival. The event is usually held in March, and this upcoming year will be no different. Quite a lot of betting websites cover Cheltenham, and offer a number of promotions and benefits regarding the event.

But it isn’t only British fans that have something to look forward to. The Kentucky Derby is one of horse racing’s most famous events, with some of the greatest horses in the sport’s history running through its tracks. Horses like the Secretariat, War Admiral, Sea Biscuit, and Red Rum have all raised the dust at the Kentucky Derby.

From the west we go east, all the way to the United Arab Emirates, where horse racing is incredibly popular. The UAE Derby is going to be taking place in late March, where 20 thoroughbreds will compete for one of the biggest prizes in the world of horse racing today.